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E&E Exhibits Solutions offers hospital tents for coronavirus testing centers, hospitals, health and medical centers, and urgent care facilities. U.S. hospitals and medical centers are currently bracing for a surge in demand as more Americans are infected with or diaplying symptoms of coronavirus. Our COVID patient tents can help healthcare facilities manage patient overflow, while providing safety and privacy for patients and medical staff. Many hospitals are beginning to set up outdoor virus testing tents to screen for the coronavirus and covid 19 testing centers. Let us help you! Our portable emergency medical tents improve health care space utilization and increased sanitation for healthcare workers. Our medical tents come in various sizes with fast delivery and setup in minutes. Call Now!

Coronavirus Patient Tents

We offer quick-deploy COVID patient tents and COVID quarantine tents that can be sized and customized to fit any outdoor space. Our assembly team will deliver medical tents quickly and efficiently so you can keep your hospital or medical facility functioning during this crucial time. The American Hospital Association has advised hospitals and medical centers to prepare for over 90 million covid-19 virus cases in the next few months, with 4.8 million additional admissions, 1.9 million intensive care unit (ICU) admissions and 480,000 excess deaths – or about 10 times the number caused by a severe flu season. Hospitals and medical facilities facing ICU bed shortage could benefit from our patient tent program. Call now for immediate delivery.

Portable Emergency Medical Tents Available Including:

  • Hospital Tents
  • Medical Tents
  • Medical Testing Tents
  • Emergency Medical Tents
  • Coronavirus Tents
  • COVID Tents
  • COVID 19 Tents
  • Tents For Medical Centers
  • Doctor Tents
  • Physician Tents
  • Coronavirus Patient Tents
  • Coronavirus Quarantine Tents
  • COVID Quarantine Tents
  • COVID 19 Testing Tents
  • Virus Testing Tents
  • Coronavirus Testing Tents
  • COVID 19 Testing Tents
  • Virus Testing Tents
  • Hospital Triage Tents
  • Medical Tents for Virus Testing
  • Tents For Hospital
  • Tents For Medical Centers
  • Tents For Nursing Homes
  • Tents For Senior Care Centers
  • Temporary Medical Tent
  • Medical Tent For Screening
  • Emergency Tent Shelters
  • Quarantine Tent Shelters
Hospital Tents
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E&E Exhibits Provides COVID Quarantine Tents

E&E Exhibit Solutions understands the importance of providing safety and privacy for your doctors, medical staff, and patients. We provide COVID quarantine tents for hospitals and health care centers facing bed shortages. Our hospital medical tents look professional, are functional, and can be customized to suit your needs, so you never miss a beat.

Medical Tents For Virus Testing Centers – E&E Exhibits offers rapid turnaround and fast delivery of COVID testing tents for hospitals.


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