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Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards

E&E Exhibits Solutions offers protective sneeze guards for retail stores, restaurants, offices, grocery stores, and convenience stores. Sneeze guards are essential protective equipment that can help maintain social distancing rules and reinforce public health practices. Our clear plexiglass splash guards create physical space between people and things and help to prevent cross-contamination. Our custom sneeze guards can help protect your employees and customers from bacteria and viruses.

Clear Plexiglass Sneeze Guards

E&E Exhibits Solutions can quickly create customized clear plexiglass sneeze gaurds to meet your business needs. Our assembly team will deliver and assemble custom sneeze guards complete with your logo quickly and efficiently so you can keep your business running while protecting the safety of others. We understand that the need for commercial sneeze guards is often time sensitive. We strive to provide immediate turnaround and have your retail splash guards set up in no time. Call now for immediate delivery.

Sneeze guards or acrylic barriers have become a permanent feature in the new Covid-19 environment in which we find ourselves.

E&E Exhibit Solutions has 25 years of experience designing exhibit and environmental structures. We are repurposing our expertise to satisfy the requirements for Covid-19 environments.

There are unlimited sneeze guard configurations to meet any need such as:

  • Simple desk sneeze guard
  • Reception desk sneeze guard
  • Hanging sneeze guards
  • Sneeze guards used to divide desk configurations

Sneeze guards offer protection on both sides:

  • Easy to clean acrylic glass
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Protect you staff/customers/visitors
Sneeze Guards
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E&E Exhibits has a Variety of Sneeze Guards Available:

  • Acrylic Sneeze Guard Barriers
  • Acrylic Sneeze Guards
  • Adjustable Sneeze Guards
  • Bank Sneeze Guards
  • Cashier Sneeze Guards
  • Checkout Counter Sneeze Guards
  • Clear Sneeze Guard Shields
  • Clear Sneeze Guards
  • Commercial Sneeze Guards For Desks
  • Counter Cough Guards
  • Counter Sneeze Guards
  • Credit Union Sneeze Guards
  • Custom Sneeze Guards
  • Food Sneeze Guards
  • Grocery Sneeze Guards
  • Hospital Cough Guards
  • Logo Sneeze Guards
  • Medical Cough Guards
  • Mobile Sneeze Guards
  • Office Sneeze Guards
  • Office Cough Guards
  • OSHA Sneeze Guards

Retail Store Sneeze Guards

E&E Exhibit Solutions understands the importance of demonstrating sanitation and safety measures. We provide retail store sneeze guards designed for the protection of your staff and customers. Our logo sneeze guards look professional, are functional, and can be customized to suit your needs.

Retail Store Sneeze Guards for Businesses – E&E Exhibits offers rapid turnaround and fast delivery of commercial cough guards for public health and safety.

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Hand Sanitizer Products

Branded Hand Sanitizer Dispensers with Stands, Dispensers with Metal Stands, Hand Sanitizer Dispensers with Sign Holders, Hand Sanitizer Gel, Digital Advertising Sanitizer Kiosks 

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We offer several Sneeze Guard offerings:

A. Hanging or

B. Desktop

Contact Us to discuss these options! 

1. Touchless Automatic Dispensers

2. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers with Stand

3. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers with Sign Holder

4. Hand Sanitizer Gel FDA approved and does not contain methanol or wood alcohol.

Hand Sanitizer Gel has a fresh scent

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