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Get Better Color from your Trade Show Booth Graphics

Get Better Color from your Trade Show Booth Graphics

Chromatix Digital training, color matching systems are ideal for large-format printing for trade show graphics.

By Daniel Chaddock, President of E&E Exhibit Solutions

It’s just days before the big event and your new trade show exhibit graphics finally arrive from the printer. Expecting to see the same brilliant red logo that’s on your brochure, you take a peek.

The logo is, well, not exactly a match to the custom PMS color you specified.

Suddenly you’re living every event coordinator’s nightmare: after painstakingly designing and proofing your trade show booth graphics, you end up with a printed piece that doesn’t match your brand or your other marketing materials.
So how can you avoid this disaster in the first place? The answer is simple: look for a Chromatix Digital color-trained trade show exhibit graphics printer, such as E&E Exhibit Solutions, that offers color matching and profiling services following standards set by the International Color Consortium (ICC).

Using the latest color profiling hardware and software, the Chromatix Digital printing system simplifies the color matching process to avoid the potential pitfalls of large-format printing for trade show displays. In fact, color management systems offer a number of benefits to clients:

Shorten your production time. If you’re in a hurry, color management is your best friend. A Chromatix Trained Digital Printer with the appropriate software can adjust color and predict color output more accurately and quickly. These printing departments spend less time manually adjusting colors, saving valuable—and costly—printing hours. What this means for you is that your trade show graphic proofs are ready for review sooner and with less color changes, so your project moves to final production faster.

Match colors across multiple materials. While colors may match onscreen, the truth is that they can print very differently on different materials such as paper, vinyl and fabric. But with a color management system that uses custom color profiles, your trade show booth graphics can be more easily adjusted to match other marketing materials, such as brochures or promotional products. Color matching also makes it easier for your printer to recalibrate colors to appear consistent across multiple media such as photo paper graphic panels, fabric displays and vinyl outdoor banners.

Achieve color consistency all day, every day. Time, temperature, humidity and usage can all affect a printer’s color consistency—making it difficult to control color variations. A Chromatix Trained Digital Printer using a color management system can recalibrate its printers to hit colors consistently each and every time—regardless of the printer’s external conditions.

Personalize your color profile. Using color matching software and hardware, printers can easily create custom color profiles to be used for most printing jobs. With a custom spot color profile, printers can then assure color consistency for items printed at different points throughout the year.

While many printers understand color and graphic design, it takes special training and know-how to create top-quality trade show graphics with consistent coloring across varied media. So if you want to avoid a color disaster with your next trade show display graphics, choose the right printer for the job: a color management expert who specializes in large-format printing for trade show displays.

Don’t risk compromising your brand or ordering last-minute rush jobs. With a printer that offers a color management system, you’ll avoid those graphic nightmares—and have picture-perfect printing every time.

Since 1994, Daniel Chaddock has consulted on the effective design and use of exhibits for trade show marketing. He is currently President of E&E Exhibit Solutions, a trade show display company with expertise in custom portable exhibits and custom modular displays. You can reach Daniel via email to or call 800.709.6935.

Clients say...

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for helping us with our booth at the IEEE EMC SI + PI show last week. Everything looked GREAT and I’m still amazed that E&E was able to help us in such a short time. I really appreciated the ease of communication with you and how available you always made yourself to answer any of my questions and concerns. Additionally, your on-site crew was so friendly and helpful. We were very happy with the outcome of the booth and received a lot of compliments!”

-Megan Schmidt
Advocacy Marketing Event Specialist, CST of America


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