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Custom Portable Exhibits

Custom Portable Exhibits

Custom Portable Exhibits-The Perfect Foundation for Your Event Marketing Program

Custom portable exhibits are the perfect solution for event marketing departments on the go. If you have a small staff and need to make the most of your budget, look to custom portable displays to create a statement at your next trade show or event.

Portable exhibits from E&E Exhibit Solutions can be customized to fit your needs. Start with an easy-to-install pop-up display back wall or a lightweight aluminum extrusion system and add professional custom graphics with your logo and company message. Then, build features into your portable exhibit to make it more functional; for example, you can include counters for product displays or storage, kiosks with flat-panel monitors for A/V demonstrations, product shelving and more!

Are Custom Portable Exhibits the Right Choice for You?

  • Creative: custom portable exhibits can be configured in a variety of sizes and combined with accessories that make sense for your event marketing program.
  • In-House Produced Professional Graphics: High-quality, large-format graphics feature your marketing statement in bright vibrant colors on durable, laminated paper or fabric materials.
  • Accessorize: No two portable exhibits look alike when you add a combination of accessories. Consider accessories such as kiosks, flooring, counters, or monitor mounts to add functionality to your booth.
  • Compact & Portable: The lightweight frames of our custom portable displays fit into smaller shipping cases, which don’t require a forklift to transport and often can be transported and set up by one person.
  • Easy to Transport: Most 10×10 portable displays and 10×20 custom component-based exhibits can be transported in a large vehicle or shipped with common carriers such as UPS or FedEx, saving you the expense of costly freight shipping.
  • Scalable: Scale your portable display depending on the venue. A 10×20 portable display can split into two 10×10 trade show exhibits. Or, you can add additional portable display components onto your 10×10 booth to make a larger display.
  • Not Just for Trade Shows: Custom portable exhibits are perfect for other uses such as displaying corporate messaging in your next corporate event, private meeting, lobby, conference rooms.

Custom Portable Exhibits by E&E

Rent Custom Portable Exhibits
Not ready to invest in trade show displays? E&E Exhibit Solutions offers a wide range of customized exhibit rentals (in authorized states).

Have a question about the right component-based exhibits for your needs? Check out our comprehensive FAQ page or contact us and one of our exhibit consultants will be happy to help!
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Clients say...

“We signed several major customers and received very positive feedback on the product and the booth. We had several comments that ours was the best booth at the show!”

-Jarrett Harnstreet, COO
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