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Trade Show Rental Exhibits & Events FAQ

My company has never exhibited at a trade show. What kind of rental display do you recommend for new exhibitors?

The best type of trade show displays and trade show graphics depends on your company, budget and exhibiting objectives. Whatever you need, we offer a full rental inventory, everything from pop-up displays, custom portable exhibits, custom modular displays, double-deck exhibits, even a trade show accessories, such as counters, literature racks, flooring and more!

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How much do trade show exhibit rentals cost?

The costs of trade show exhibit rentals vary with the size and features. Generally, a exhibit rental  is about 25 to 30 percent the investment of purchasing the same trade show display.

For more on the average costs to attend trade shows click here.

My company goes to only one trade show a year and we don’t want to make a big investment on a display. Do you offer trade show rental exhibit displays?

Yes, we offer a full inventory of pop-up displays and custom trade show exhibit rentals. Rentals are a great option if you attend fewer than three or four shows a year. By renting a display, you don’t have to make a large up-front investment. If you attend more than four shows a year, you are probably better off purchasing your own trade show exhibit display.

What kinds of displays do you rent?

We have a variety of pop-up displays, custom portable exhibits, custom modular displays, island and custom displays to meet any trade show exhibit rentals or event needs.  We specialize in custom exhibit rentals that look like you own them.  Benefit from E&E’s years of design experience, recognized by numerous design awards, including Best Island Booth Design.

What are the best criteria to use when deciding whether to buy or rent a display?

Trade show rental exhibit displays are a good option if you are a first-time exhibitor, only exhibit at a few shows a year or have simultaneous shows.

First-time Exhibitor
If this is your first trade show or conference, using trade show exhibit rentals will give you an opportunity to try out a display to see what will work for you. You may find out you need a bigger booth, counter storage or a computer demo station. By renting, you can try different options until you are comfortable and ready to purchase your own trade show exhibit display.

Infrequent Exhibitor
If you attend only two or three shows a year, a trade show exhibit rentals is more cost effective than purchasing. You can space out the rental costs, rather than put a large chunk of your budget up for a trade show exhibit rental that will spend more time in storate. Plus, you can alter your display size or configuration with each show.

Double-booked Exhibitor
If you have a busy trade show schedule, using a trade show exhibit rental is a great way to supplement your own display inventory. For example, if you have two shows at the same time that need 10×10 displays, you can rent a second display at a fraction of the cost of buying more exhibit property. With our inventory of pop-up displays and custom trade show booth display rental, we can match the size, style and graphics on your display so you can present the same look and feel as your own trade show exhibit display.

Help! We’ve added a show to our schedule but our booth will be at another event. What should I do?

If you are double-booked, using a trade show rental exhibit will get you out of this bind. We have a full inventory of pop up and custom trade show booth display rentals, so we can try to match the look and feel of your other display. We can also print high-quality, custom trade show graphics to dress up your trade show rental exhibit.


I want to add my company logo to my rental display. Can you print signage?

Yes, we can create high-quality large-format trade show graphics for any of our trade show rental exhibit displays through our in-house production department. Our graphic designers can also assist you in creating the necessary large-format artwork files. Using our graphic design and production services ensures that your trade show graphics are the perfect fit for your trade show exhibit rentals.


Are there union regulations regarding what E&E can do for us?

Yes, as of 2018 there are union regulations for convention halls in 26 cities.  Many of these regulations apply to electrical and AV labor, which directly affects E&E clients.  Talk to a trade show consultant at E&E for more details.

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