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What would we do without walls? Whether it is the back wall of your trade show display, a floating wall at the threshold of your exhibit or a two-sided wall with backlit LED lights, display walls are the hero of a great trade show booth.

LED Display Walls Are the Foundation of Your Exhibit

Display walls are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your space requirements. They are versatile and customizable so that your display can be different for each trade show or event.

LED video walls can be incorporated into our Euro Frame System seamlessly.  The ultra LED tiles are mounted onto straight and/or curved aluminum frames.

LED Display Walls Deliver Engaging and Dynamic Presentations

Utilize our LED Wall Tiles for any high-end tradeshow, private inhouse meeting or corporate sales events

The professionals at E&E Exhibit Solutions work with our clients to deliver engaging and dynamic presentations nationwide utilizing professional and knowledgeable local technicians and supervisors.

We have an energetic talented team and staff dedicated to your ultimate success at any one of your events.

We offer a tailored experiences that are uncompromising, flexible and budget conscious.

What we do

We provide ideal technology solutions for engaging presentations and are dedicated to our clients success.

We utilize a component based LED display wall to create customized screen sizes to fit your space and event.

Who we serve

Event Managers, Meeting Planners, Marketing Managers and business owners to create engaging LED walls.

Backdrops for any trade show, corporate or private event

What makes E&E different

We provide expert guidance and support from concept to completion.  We match our solutions to your specific needs.  Our LED display walls combined with our modular frame system can create infinite possibilities and solutions tailored to your specific space.

LED Display Walls-Installation Services

E&E Exhibit Solutions offers local installation of LED display walls.

Rent LED Display Walls-Indoors or Outdoors

Not ready to invest in trade show displays? E&E Exhibit Solutions offers LED Display Walls and a wide range of customized LED Display Wall Rentals with nationwide local installation services.

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View our impressive Portfolio which includes LED displays.

  • LED Display Walls
  • Bendable LED Displays
  • Custom LED Video Walls
  • Digital Wall Signage
  • Direct View LED VideoWalls
  • Fine Pitch LED Displays &
  • Full Color LED Video Walls
  • Indoor LED Display
  • Indoor LED Video Walls
  • Indoor LED Wall Displays
  • LED Backlit Displays
  • LED Digital Signage Walls
  • LED Display Signage
  • LED Display Walls For Sporting Venues
  • LED Displays and Tiles
  • LED Screen Rentals
  • LED Video Displays
  • LED Video Wall Displays
  • LED Video Wall Panels
  • LED Video Walls
  • LED Video Walls Are Ideal For high-traffic environments
  • LED Video Walls for Public Settings
  • LED Wall Displays
  • LED Wall Displays For Churches
  • LED Wall Panels
  • LED Wall Screens
  • LED Walls
  • Live Wall Media Indoor LED Tiles
  • Outdoor LED Displays
  • Outdoor LED Video Walls
  • Outdoor LED Wall Display
  • Professional Digital Signage
  • Ultra HD LED Display
  • Video Wall LCD Panels
Clients say...

“We received a ton of comments on how cool and cutting-edge the booth looked and how nice the carpet was. It was sleek, elegant, clean, and unique. No one else had anything remotely close; we stood out from the crowd for sure. Someone from the military even commented that our booth reminded them of a spaceship! Mission accomplished!”

~ Amy Ho
Clinical Affairs Manager, Vomaris


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