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Trade Show Logistic Services FAQ

How do I make arrangements for shipping a trade show display exhibit?

We just need the details of your trade show display exhibit shipment (number of, weight of and dimensions for each case) and the shipping address. We’ll do the rest!

E&E Exhibit Solutions provides shipping services to trade shows and conventions across the U.S. Our freight carriers specialize in deliveries to and pick ups from convention centers and hotels. We are familiar with standard show management policies for trade show displays freight, including the proper paperwork procedures.

My trade show display exhibit is too big for me to store at my office. What are my options?

While our custom portable exhibits and custom modular displays are compact by industry standards, the cases and crates are may be too cumbersome for most regular business offices. At E&E, we have a climate-controlled warehouse for trade show exhibit storage. Many clients prefer to store their exhibits with us so we can more easily prepare shipments to their next trade show.

What services are included in your storage fees?

Our exhibit storage services include space in our climate-controlled warehouse for your trade show display exhibit cases and/or crates. You also receive access to our web-based booth management system. We input your inventory into our online system, from which you can then schedule booth shipments from any computer with web access. To learn more about our booth management system, read more here.

There are additional fees for handling to pull and prepare your trade show display exhibit for shipping and receiving. Shipping fees are also billed separately. Handling and shipping fees vary with the size and weight of your exhibit.

My trade show manual says I need to use show labor to install my trade show display exhibit. Can I set up my booth myself?

Sometimes. The generally accepted rule is if one person can set up your booth in less than 30 minutes without tools, you do not need to use show labor. This pretty much includes only table top and 10×10 displays. However, if you don’t fit within these guidelines, don’t fret. We offer professional labor services at competitive rates to install and dismantle your trade show display exhibit in major cities throughout the U.S. Our labor crews are also trained on all of our exhibit lines, so your display is set up quickly. Contact us and our tradeshow display exhibit consultants can discuss our labor services.

How long does it take to assemble a display?

It depends on the size, style, features and complexity of your trade show display exhibit. Most table top displays and 10×10 pop-up displays can be set up in about 30 minutes. To get an estimate on our labor services, contact our display consultants.

Do I need to be present for installation and dismantle (I&D) if I use a preferred E&E trained trade show labor services provider?

No, it is not required that you be on the show floor while they perform trade show labor services. However, you will save money by being there. If no representative from your company is on-site during I&D, you will be charged a supervision fee. If you have the time, there are advantages to supervising the labor crew. You can direct the installation or dismantle of your tradeshow display exhibit, ensure that everything is unpacked or packed correctly and complete any last-minute paperwork.

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