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Lite Display Islands

Lite Display islands transform into an endless possibility of shapes as easily as stacking blocks. The unique panel-and-node system is simple to set up without any tools. You can also reconfigure your Lite Display island kit to make as many as eight or more different booth designs.                                                                                                                           Lite Display Islands by E&E Exhibit Solutions

Lite Display islands feature:

  • Vinyl graphic wraps, similar to a vehicle wrap, which can peel off easily and accept new graphics when your message changes.
  • New sub-surface magnets that allow you to add interchangeable marketing messages for different events or markets, without having to reskin the entire display.
  • A number of functional accessories, simply place lights, shelving, monitor mounts and more anywhere you find a circular node.
  • Quick and easy installation, saves you time and money on labor services.
  • Lightweight and compact packing, reduces your drayage and shipping costs.

E&E Exhibit Solutions offers a wide range of customized booth rentals (in authorized states).

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Clients say...

“That was hands down the best event that we have ever done. I cannot tell you how many people told us that we had the best booth in the whole place.”

-Missy Lawler
Events Director and Hardware Sales Manager


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