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Green Tradeshow Exhibits FAQ

What makes a trade show exhibit green?

Our green trade show displays utilize a variety of recycled, recyclable, rapidly renewable and energy-efficient materials, including:

  • Recycled soda bottles (PET)
  • Recycled industrial plastic
  • Reclaimed and recycled wood fiber
  • 60-percent recycled high-pressure laminates
  • Bamboo, eucalyptus and sorghum
  • Energy-saving LED lighting

What is the difference between recycled and recyclable materials in your green exhibits?

Recycled materials are items that used to be something else, such as recycling soda bottles to create items like panel infills, tabletops and exhibit graphics. Recyclable means that the materials can be recycled and turned into other products for reuse. From aluminum to wood, virtually all exhibit materials are recyclable. See our Reincarnation Program information below for more on exhibit recycling.

What is the Reincarnation Program? How does exhibit recycling work?

The Reincarnation Exhibit Recycling Program is designed to reduce the volume of retired exhibit materials reaching landfills, decreasing the release of carcinogens and greenhouse gases. Nearly all materials used in trade show displays are included in our program, including aluminum and other metals, plastic, wood, particle board, cardboard, fabric, nylon, laminate and carpet. Exhibit recycling fees vary, but the cost is offset by the savings on traditional waste disposal fees – plus, you can rest assured that your exhibit will not be sitting in a landfill.

What are renewable resources? Which ones do you use in your exhibits?

Renewable resources are those that the earth can replenish. For example, wood is a renewable resource because as trees are grown, more wood is created. Our green trade show displays utilize a variety of rapidly renewable resources such as bamboo, sorghum and eucalyptus. Because these materials grow much more quickly than traditional wood products, they provide a more sustainable solution for trade show exhibit materials.

How much does a green exhibit cost?

It used to be that green products meant you had to spend more “green.” With continuous improvements in manufacturing and more accessible environmentally-friendly and sustainable products, the prices of green trade show displays now run about the same as traditional custom portable and custom modular displays, which cost around $100 to $150 per square foot. In fact, green display 10x10s and green display 10x20s are competitively priced and may even cost less than traditional displays. Reducing your environmental footprint with a green exhibit can also help decrease your operating costs over the long term. For help evaluating the costs and benefits of choosing a green exhibit, contact us.

Why are green displays gaining attention?

According to data estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency, the event and tradeshow industry is high on the list of producers of solid waste in the United States, ranking near the amount waste produced by the construction and demolition industry. In fact, the average two-day event can produce as much waste as a family of four produces in 15 years. As green products have become increasingly popular, it’s not surprising that green trade show displays would gain popularity as well, providing an excellent means of trimming the great waste created by the event industry.

Who should consider green displays?

Anyone interested in helping the environment should consider green trade show displays. Green exhibiting is especially important if your company has established green benchmarks and objectives, if your industry is environmentally sensitive – such as the sustainable energy or organic industries – or if you’re concerned about your corporate image.

How else can I go green at my trade show?

Check out our article on Green Exhibiting Best Practices for tips and advice on everything from hotel reservations to shipping and packing.

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