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Company Values

These values are what guides our company and our employees’ interactions with our clients:

We understand that our customers rely on us to help them succeed. We treat our customers as partners, and together we enjoy longevity and great success. We do what we can to deliver what is promised and to exceed what is expected. We strive to offer viable solutions that are mutually beneficial to our customers and to E&E.

Relentless Dedication to Excellence
We foresee the projects’ end result and take the necessary steps to make it happen. We approach everything with a sense of urgency. Results matter. We execute with excellence. We never stop trying to succeed. We always solve the problem at hand, no matter what setbacks and obstacles we may encounter bringing the project to its successful conclusion. There is always a solution. We never stop asking, “Is there a better way?” We never willingly accept second best. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Adaptable & Flexible
We are flexible and can adapt to any situation that may occur. We understand that being flexible allows us to offer solutions and create opportunities.

Autonomy & Personal Accountability
We have the power to make decisions and take accountability for our actions. We take responsibility and ownership in all that we do. We celebrate success and see failures as opportunities for growth. We are individually responsible for our own attitude, happiness and success.

We maintain the highest standard of integrity. We are open and honest with each other and our clients. We keep our word.

We build long-lasting partnerships with co-workers and customers.

Interdependence / Teamwork
We have the awareness to acknowledge each others’ strengths and weaknesses and the ability to work with others to overcome setbacks. Helping someone else succeed is as important as succeeding yourself.

We have the motivation to make a positive impact on the community by empowering our co-workers and customers through mutual respect and integrity.

We are respectful of each others’ ideas, thoughts, assistance and time. We treat each other equally and recognize that we are part of a team. We approach each person in our company and out with respect, courtesy and professionalism.

Diversity and Inclusion
We believe that everyone deserves a chance to thrive in the workplace.  We strive to sustain an environment where every person feels empowered, motivated and understood.

Positive Attitude
We bring to the work place a positive “can do” attitude each and every day. We are conscious of how our attitude affects others and strive to be constructive in our daily contributions.

Company Loyalty
We are loyal to the company by looking out for its best interests. We care about the company’s overall welfare and act accordingly.

We maintain the foresight to see what’s best for the company and what the next market trend will be. This includes a careful mix of creativity, ingenuity and development that spans across sales, marketing, production, customer service and management.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously and remember to laugh in the face of adversity and have fun!

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