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Maximize Your Space with Adjustable Shelving & Slatwall

Floor to ceiling interactive wall displays are eye catching and state-of-the-art, however, there is something very  powerful about the ability to touch and feel a product. Images won’t allow prospects to feel the weight and quality of your product. Interactive video is not the same as actually using your product.

That’s where a high quality slatwall with adjustable shelves adds a true interactive experience. Showcase your products in all their sizes and colors, shapes and configurations by placing samples on the shelving that is securely adhered to a slat wall.

Slatwalls turn your trade show exhibit into a mini-mall, a merchandising showcase for all your products. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the slatwall can be installed at the back of your booth or as part of a floating display within your sales area. Incorporate a variety of slatwall accessories to customize the look and functionality to meet your needs.

Trade show display slatwall by E&E Exhibit SolutionsSlatwall accessories include:

• Shelving – short or long shelves can be combines to create a unique merchandising display
• Hanger hooks: choose from a variety of configurations so that you can hang clothing, glasses, purses, shoes or decorative art
• Shadow boxes are perfect for displaying ball caps, t-shirts, jeans or pottery and art
• Select from a variety of colors and textured slatwalls to add a visual component to your slatwall system.

Slatwalls are completely customizable so that you can reuse your wall with different accessories and components depending on the circumstance. Use a slatwall system at your next trade show. With a few changes, use that same system in your retail location, company lobby or sales area.

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