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Portable Trade Show Backdrop

Portable Trade Show Backdrop

Professional, Eye Catching Portable Trade Show Backdrop Designed for Your Exhibit Displays

Your marketing department will be thrilled with the effortless way their designs are transformed with trade show backdrop displays. Create continuous singular imagery using our seamless trade show backdrop curtains. Cover an entire wall from floor to ceiling with your company colors, logo and marketing images using the power of trade show backdrop design.

Printing on large format digital printers in vibrant, lasting colors, the portable trade show backdrop displays come in a variety of sizes to fit your entry way, conference room, lobby or event space.

Trade Show Backdrop Curtains by E&E Exhibit Solutions

The trade show backdrop curtains selection from E&E Exhibit Solutions is practically limitless. Imagine your company brand message and colors printed on a variety of fabrics that create different effects for a show-stopping display.

Fabric continues to be a popular material for trade show backdrop displays and hanging signs. Choose from a variety of sizes, fabrics, print materials and lighting effects to create a memorable display. E&E Exhibit Solutions carries top-of-the-line portable tradeshow backdrop display materials and accessories.

Consider These Great Trade Show Backdrop Display Solutions:

  • Dye-Sublimated, Seamless Fabric Graphics to cover large surface areas for visual perfection
  • Combine stretch fabric graphics with aluminum extrusion frames for a portable tradeshow backdrop
  • Fabric graphics allow you to print your logo and marketing message in bright, vibrant colors
  • Choose from a variety of fabric types for different affects: sheer, translucent, opaque
  • Light up your tradeshow backdrop to create a dramatic presence
  • Save money and create a completely different booth display simply by changing the lighting scheme shining on a blank fabric canvas
  • Save even more money when you “reskin” your trade show displays with fresh fabric graphics using your existing frame
  • Fabric is lightweight for easy, compact packing and shipping and is easy to install

Popular Trade Show Backdrop Curtains from E&E Exhibit Solutions are:

  • Lightweight aluminum 10×10 fabric displays or 10×20 fabric displays
  • Our seamless graphic wall system
  • Larger booths, extremely compact and portable 20×20 fabric displays or fabric island displays

The Portable Trade Show Backdrop Displays feature:

  • Incredible size options: up to 192” wide (16 feet) with an overall height availability of 89ft
  • Is lightweight – wall systems weigh as little as 14 pounds including the carrying case depending on the overall size
  • Seamless wall systems are connected using a tongue and groove closure which ensures the finished look
  • Easy to change the graphics in the field regardless of the size
  • Stabilizing flip-out feet keep the wall system in place

Combine a series of portable trade show backdrops to create an immersive brand environment that reflects your top products using large format digital images. Each wall system is as easy as a retractable banner stand to put up. Changing graphics for different promotional specials, events or seasonable imagery is as easy as rolling up a window sash.

E&E Exhibit Solutions offers a wide range of customized trade show backdrop designs.

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