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  • Simple, clean LUMITURE 30×30 island display
  • (4) 16’ high illuminated laminate towers with product shelves or storage space
  • Illuminated beams connect the towers at top
  • Overhead signage for your company logo
  • Seating area with table and chairs at center
  • Add monitor mounts and counters for your video presentations and demos
Clients say...

“Lee and Patrick

I’m so thankful to have you both looking out for Jupiter and for me personally as well. No matter what the ask your team has always shown us such grace and professionalism. Thank you for all the late hours and long weekends you no doubt put in doing the amazing work you do. Couldn’t do what we do without you and feel so blessed to have your team working alongside us.”

Kaila Strong
Director of Marketing
Jupiter Research


p: 800 709-6935
f: 480 966-9841

Emergency after hours hotline:
480 223-5241
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