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Custom Booth Rentals from E&E Exhibit Solutions

Custom Booth Rentals from E&E Exhibit Solutions

Custom Booth Rentals from E&E Exhibit Solutions

Look like you own your trade show display at 1/3 the cost with custom booth rentals

No matter the current economic climate, smart trade show and event marketers continually look for ways to reduce costs and improve return on investment. However, the cost of custom displays can quickly escalate beyond your budget. This year, consider custom trade show booth rentals and save about 60 percent on your display budget.

While show management companies do offer booth rental kits at a fraction of the cost of custom booths, these basic kits lack the ability to be customized to your specific functional needs—which may include interactive kiosks, large presentation areas or conference rooms—in addition to not adequately showcasing your corporate images and brand messaging. Frankly, show management booth rentals look rented. Protect your brand image with trade show booth rentals that can be customized to look purchased at a third of the cost. Custom trade show booth rentals look like you own your display without the same financial investment.

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Four Reasons Trade Show Display Rentals are the Smart Choice:

  1. First-time or minimal trade show participation. If this is your first trade show experience or if you only participate in one or two events a year, you may balk at the expense of fully custom displays. That’s when it makes sense to consider trade show booth rentals (in authorized states).  Your trade show display will look professional and include custom graphics with your corporate colors, logo and brand messaging.
  2. Enhance or expand existing trade show booth elements. Custom booth rentals are convenient and affordable and allow you to easily build on to your existing trade show display properties. Rent additional custom modular display units, pop-up displays, furniture, flooring or hanging signs to add spice and functionality.
  3. Create different trade show exhibit looks without breaking the bank. With trade show display rentals, you can create a different booth layout for each event. You can reuse your trade show graphics from one show to the next, but the structural elements of your exhibit can vary depending on the size and shape of your booth spaces at each show.
  4. Conflicting trade show events. Don’t miss out on a second event because your display is already committed to a trade show in another part of the country. Trade show booth rentals allow you the ability to participate in multiple events at the same time without investing in a second display.

Trade show display rentals are an affordable way to create the illusion of a custom-made purchased booth without the same investment. E&E Exhibit Solutions has designed and built trade show displays for over 15 years and offers a wide selection of custom exhibit rentals, including green displays, trade show graphics and accessories. E&E’s trade show exhibit consultants will work with you to design the perfect custom booth rentals, complete with your company logo, branding and marketing message.

About E&E Exhibit Solutions
Founded in 1995, E&E Exhibit Solutions is an exhibit company specializing trade show exhibit rentals. E&E Exhibit Solutions is recognized as a four-time Inc. 5000 honoree. As expert trade show professionals, our award-winning solutions include custom displayscustom exhibit rental designs, trade show display graphics, and exhibit storage.  Contact us at E&E Custom Exhibit Rentals (in authorized states) at 800.709.6935.

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