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Trade Show Exhibits & Beyond: E&E Can Help with Your Events

Event marketing isn’t exclusively for trade shows and exhibits. E&E Exhibit Solutions is experienced with helping their customers prepare for and select display products for successful outdoor or charitable events, corporate events or provide display materials for meeting rooms, lobbies, hospitals and educational facilities.

Reinforce your brand message in a variety of locations by adding retail display kiosks, banner stands or outdoor graphics to your facility or special function.

How Can You Benefit from Events by E&E?

  • Corporate events – customized island displays to communicate your company message with banner stands and hanging signs to display your logo, or direct traffic to different meeting rooms
  • Company lobby, reception area or showroom – banner stands or pop-up displays to communicate your mission statement or primary marketing message
  • Hospital or Educational location – kiosks, banner stands and pop-up displays are a great way to communicate and share information in a professional manner
  • Outdoor events – our durable, flexible and custom portable exhibits are perfect to reinforce your brand
  • Portable structures, easy to set up, no or minimal tools required, interchangeable graphics – switch your message when it changes
  • Our display products have many non-trade show applications – use anywhere you need a portable or temporary structure with your branding

E&E Exhibit Solutions offers a wide range of customized booth rentals (in authorized states).

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Clients say...

“We wanted to thank you for making our show such a success. We thought the booth looked amazing! All the way through the process, you and your team provided excellent information, support (specifically the sofa saga!) and great design ideas which really met En Route’s vision. We are extremely pleased with all of the service you provided and definitely plan to continue working with you in future.”

-Lorna Barlow, Business Development Manager
En Route International USA


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