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Digitally Printed Flooring


Digitally Printed Flooring Is the Ultimate In Brand Imaging

Just when you thought trade show flooring couldn’t get any more unique, enter digitally printed flooring. If you can create an image, we can digitally imprint it on high quality materials for your flooring for your trade show, event or company lobby.

Digitally printed flooring is a great way to emblazon your logo, however, you can also be creative:

• Graphically showcase your top selling products with images on digitally printed flooring.
• Create a specialty environment by using digitally printed flooring to depict a map or photo image or animal print.
• Be whimsical using digitally printed flooring to create a board game, underwater scene or the illusion of a cavern.

Our high-tech large format digital printers can take any high-resolution image and imprint it on material for your trade show booth or company lobby.

Your trade show booth will be the talk of the exhibition when you incorporate digitally printed flooring into your display space.

Give us a call to learn more about the product specifications of our digitally printed flooring.

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