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Portable Trade Show Displays Lead the Trends in 2009

Portable Trade Show Displays Lead the Trends in 2009

Portable Trade Show Displays Lead the Trends in 2009

Stay up to date at your next event with this year’s innovative new exhibit options.

By Daniel Chaddock, President of E&E Exhibit Solutions

This year’s trends in trade show displays are all about versatility – and making a statement. While there are plenty of new products on the market to choose from, some of our favorite trends include innovative lighting options to help make your trade show graphics pop, easily reconfigurable exhibits, lightweight fabric displays and a resurgence in sturdy, permanent-looking panel displays – four surefire ways to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve also seen the green trend make its way to the trade show industry, catching a big buzz from the likes of EXHIBITOR Magazine, which launched www.greenexhibiting.comlast summer. Green exhibits have followed suit, offering plenty of ways for exhibitors to turn their marketing message into an environmentally friendly one as well.

Check out these high-impact trends in action with some of our favorite new portable display products:

  • LUMITURE exhibit displays from Exponents: Vertical frames and horizontalceilings that are lit from within using fluorescent or LED lighting give your display an open feeling and create stunning lighting effects that radiate from within the structure itself. Designed in modular assemblies, these portable trade show displays can evolve with changing exhibit spaces, while being both lightweight and cost-effective. LUMITURE is also ideal for framing graphics and product displays with attention-grabbing light.
  • Lite Displays: Utilizing small, square plastic panels and round nodes, Lite portable trade show displays can be customized with vinyl graphic wraps, accessories and multimedia equipment. Lite displays are extremely versatile and can be reconfigured into as many as 10 different trade show display structures. Due to this flexibility, long-term savings on accessories and additional exhibits often outweigh Lite displays’ higher initial investment.
  • Fabric Displays: It’s easy to see why fabric trade show exhibits continue to be one of the most popular trends in portable displays, Fabric displaysuse lightweight aluminum skeletal structures with stretch fabric skins. Exhibitors can create large-scale exhibits that weigh very little. These structures also look more organic and modern, as the fabric can be twisted, layered and illuminated to create illusions or movement. Lighter weight fabric exhibits save money on transportation costs and may also reduce installation times due to less structural assembly.
  • Custom Modular Displays: First popular in the late 1990s, panel displays are en vogue once again. These systems use lightweight aluminum frames withlaminate panel inserts to create a look that’s lasting and substantial. Unlike other trendy portable displays, such as the graphic-heavy aluminum extrusion systems that became popular at the turn of the millennium, custom modular trade show exhibits are designed for their permanent look rather than a lightweight, high-tech feel. Ideal for exhibits that recreate storefronts or retail environments, expect to see more panel displays popping up this year.
  • Green Displays: Eco•Systems Sustainable Exhibits and other green trade show display options are slowly becoming more mainstream especially asthe event industry has partnered with the EPA to create new sustainable exhibiting guidelines to be released this summer.

These guidelines set new standards for eco-friendly materials, graphic production, transportation, show service and exhibitor practices and more—all to help reduce the industry’s footprint on the environment. Green exhibits help your business to be environmentally conscious, save on energy costs and stay at the forefront of the green movement. E&E Exhibit Solutions is one of the first progressive trade show exhibit companies to offer these exciting new exhibits.

By incorporating these big trends, you can keep your booth up to date – and read to make an impact. For more information on going green, incorporating new trade show graphics or other trends, contact your full-service trade show display company, E&E Exhibit Solutions.

Since 1994, Daniel Chaddock has consulted on the effective design and use of custom exhibits for trade show marketing. He is currently President of E&E Exhibit Solutions, a custom exhibit rentals (in authorized states) and custom exhibit rental designs company offering expertise in portable exhibits and modular trade show displays. To discuss custom exhibit rental options reach Daniel via email or contact us at E&E Custom Exhibit Rentals at 800.709.6935.

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