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Virtual Trade Shows, Events and Environments by E&E Exhibit Solutions

Companies like yours are finding innovative and creative ways to connect with audiences and virtual trade shows are a perfect addition to your marketing efforts.  We can design a virtual trade show, event or any customized virtual environment to be utilized in company meetings, channel partner meetings, events, product demonstrations/pitches, product launches, virtual roadshows, or to integrate with your website. A virtual trade show, event or environment can also an effective employee training tool.

Structure your next hybrid event using a virtual trade show booth.  A successful hybrid event is one where the click traffic flow, if you will, is structured.  Attendees are engaged and interactive and as marketing professionals, analytics and information are gathered from the event.  Attendees are led from the virtual booth to the pre-recorded or live event, followed by returning to another part of the virtual booth for scheduling follow up meetings, chats, filling out lead forms, surveys, etc.

A virtual trade show, event or environment design can be used once, or it can become a digital asset to be updated regularly as your company message changes or if you decide to repurpose the tool for another application than what you originally designed it for.

Virtual Trade Show Design

Create a Branded Trade Show Display Event or Environment and Go Virtual!

Choose from designs E&E Exhibit Solutions has created to fulfill your marketing needs or we can design a new, customized environment. With over 25 years of trade show design experience, we can help you design any virtual space.

The E&E Exhibit Solutions Virtual Trade Show is a Robust, Immersive Offering

Starting with creative strategy consultation to production, E&E can provide a virtual trade show in the same amount of time as designing and implementing a trade show display or event. The virtual trade show display is fully branded, immersive, and engaging. In addition, E&E offers the ability to include livestream broadcasts, pre-recorded videos, live video conferencing through our E&E Broadcast Studio.

Virtual Trade Show Company

Powerful Data Analytics are Key to a Successful Virtual Trade Show, Event or Environment

E&E Exhibit Solutions offers comprehensive data tracking reporting from your virtual trade show, event or environment. With detailed reporting, you can understand what users are interacting with and responding to. Which areas are bringing in traffic and which ones are engaging potential customers? You can graph and compare up to 6 months of data for a long-term view of performance. The reports include a Hotspot Click Report, Active Duration Report, Browser Report, Visit Count Report, Social Sharing Report, Heatmap Reports, Snap List Report, Form Field Breakdown Report, Form Response Report, Traffic Source Report, and a Scheduled Group Summary Report.

Custom Virtual Trade Show Design

Ensure the success of your virtual trade show, event or environment by partnering with E&E Exhibit Solutions. Contact Us today. Let’s work together to make your virtual trade show a success!

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