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Create a lasting impression with trade show attendees using Interactive media such as Virtual Reality Video Production. What is interactive media? Any opportunity you have to engage attendees to touch, scan or select different parts of your media presentation is considered interactive. In the past ten plus years the Internet has gone from a flat, one dimensional source of information to a place you can change, interact with and create personalized experiences. Using Interactive media within your booth offers attendees the same opportunity to personalize their experience with your company.

VR Video Production Is Key Tool to Interact with Prospects

VR is a hot trend that consumers are enticed by. It hasn’t been around long enough to be considered passe and there are still a majority of trade show attendees who have heard about, but not personally experienced the phenomena that is virtual reality. By incorporating VR video production into the experience of your company trade show, attendees will flock to your booth to experience something new.

As an example for our customers we created an immersive experience for the E&E ExhibitSolutions trade show exhibit using virtual reality (VR) where we embedded our company content into different world experiences. You can watch the video. Press down on your mouse as you move the cursor as the video plays to view in 360 degrees.

The more you can actively involve trade show attendees the more likely they will be to stay and learn more and also recommend that others visit your trade show booth.

If you want people to remember who you are long after the event is over; consider incorporating virtual reality technology to your next display. Don’t be the last company on the block to give VR video production a try.

Have a question about creating a VR experience for your next trade show or event? Check out our comprehensive FAQ page or contact us and one of our exhibit consultants will be happy to help!

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Clients say...

“We signed several major customers and received very positive feedback on the product and the booth. We had several comments that ours was the best booth at the show!”

-Jarrett Harnstreet, COO
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