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Harness the Power of Social Media with Tradeshow Apps on iPads and the InTouch Interactive Touchscreen Table

Utilizing the Internet and connecting to consumers through social media has become a daily activity for many business and now sales and marketing teams are utilizing mobile apps to connect and share data.

E&E Exhibit Solutions is leading the way in tradeshow app tools with the trade show app for iPads and the InTouch table.

Trade show App for iPads

Sales associates are clamoring for the mobile app that allows them to quickly capture prospect’s information and send important marketing and product sales sheets directly to a customer’s email address. E&E Exhibit Solutions has the app that allows a company’s product sales sheets to be uploaded, customized and categorized by product type. Additionally, the app is capable of storing customer and prospect contact information.

Click on this Trade show App for iPads page to learn more.

InTouch Interactive Touchscreen Table Technology

Imagine having a console or table in your trade show booth that allows consumers to view videos of your products in action, access the Internet so that you capture their email and company contact information and view product presentations and product information. Sales associates and prospects can gather around the InTouch table in your trade show booth to discuss the specific product solutions that best meet their needs.

The latest in table technology comes from InTouch and is available right now from E&E Exhibit Solutions, one of the first trade show displays vendors to currently stock this productive and powerful accessory.

Click on this InTouch Table Technology page to learn more.

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