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Touch Screen Kiosks Enhance the Customer Experience

The latest in information technology available is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers. Starting with the company lobby, the Touch Screen Kiosks provides an engaging way to showcase their latest products and services while also providing prospects, customers, vendors and visitors to your company to access the Internet.

Touch Screen Kiosks in the Healthcare Industry

The conversations between physicians and patients will be forever changed by the advanced technology available with Touchscreen Kiosks.

  • Doctors will be able to access educational videos to help explain a patient’s condition.
  • Physical therapists can demonstrate therapy exercises through the use of videos and diagrams visible on the interactive touchscreen.
  • Dentists and Orthodontists can show before and after pictures to their patients as well as access x-rays, patient records and images depicting the expected results of recommended procedures.
  • Initial patient history and physical exam results can be easily entered and accessed.
  • Infant growth and can be documented and quickly compared to average percentiles.
  • Patients waiting for appointments can access the internet, view uploaded videos, take surveys.

The entire healthcare experience is transformed by the limitless possibilities Touch Screen Kiosks bring to the healthcare industry.

How Restaurants and Lounges Use Touch Screen Kiosks

Add an element of entertainment to your diner’s experience with the Interactive Restaurant Table and bar top.

  • Guests can view menu items, place dinner and drink orders, view the status of their meal, and even watch videos.
  • Touchscreen Kiosks allow guests to message other patrons within the lounge, view movie trailers and play games on the touchscreen. Guests enjoy a rousing competition of casino games, chess or popular video games on the touchscreen while enjoying cocktails and appetizers.
  • Lounge owners set up Touch Screen Kiosks to be able to access YouTube videos, social media sites and the bar so that guests can replenish their beverages electronically by sending orders direct to the bartender.

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Educational Institutions Utilize Touch Screen Kiosks- SocialConnect

Interactive classroom technology has taken on a new perspective with Touch Screen Kiosks SocialConnect.

  • Colleges and universities utilize the interactive whiteboard technology available on  Touchscreen Kiosks to allow students to brainstorm and creatively share ideas and concepts.

The latest in interactive learning technology provides educators the opportunity to enhance small group discussion with the touchscreen tabletop.

  • Teachers can connect multiple computers within the classroom, sketch out ideas with the interactive whiteboard technology and browse the Internet for videos, articles and websites offering additional information.

The Touch Screen Kiosks Revolutionizes the Boardroom

Gone are the days of pencils and note pads, flip charts and back of the envelope thinking.  Touch Screen Kiosks bring the boardroom into the 21st century with the ability to enhance presentations and involve members around the conference table in a virtual discussion.

  • Corporations are using the Touch Screen Kiosks in boardrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms and in the lobby. Each location offers a different and valuable use of this state-of-the-art interactive technology.
  • Multiple users can collaborate on a single Touchscreen Kiosk, sharing thoughts, sketching out ideas with the whiteboard technology and accessing the latest information via social media, online videos and websites.
  • Company promotional videos, brochures and service information can be uploaded to the Touch Screen Kiosks to spotlight the latest products available for customers, employees and vendors.

Enhance the Customer Experience in the Retail Environment with Touchscreen Kiosks

  • An educated customer is a smart shopper and retailers are utilizing the advanced technology available with the Touchscreen kiosks to educate by providing product videos, surveys, easy access to word of mouth advertising on social media and the ability to search for in stock products.
  • Sales associates enjoy the opportunity to engage the customer in a customized, interactive experience thereby increasing sales and enjoying the benefit of repeat customers.

Touchscreen Kiosks set a retail location apart from their competition by enticing a customer to step across the threshold into a location with interactive quizzes and videos. The Touchscreen Kiosks are easy to use and the applications can be customized to a specific retail business.

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