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Face Shields

Face Shields

E&E Exhibits Solutions offers protective face shields suitable for office workers. Face shields are essential personal protective equipment from Covid-19 and other viruses. E&E Exhibit solutions has repurposed our fabrication and production capabilities to include an assortment of low-cost but high-quality face shields. Our custom clear face shields can help protect office workers from bacteria and viruses.

Face shields are not meant to replace N95 masks, however, face shields provide face protection from airborne particles. Face shields are durable and lightweight PPE Lexan with foam on the forehead to fit with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure.

E&E Exhibit Solutions offers 4 options of lightweight, durable face protection shields:

  • Unprinted face shield
  • Branded face shield
  • Unprinted eyewear face shield
  • Branded eyewear face shield

The faces shield features include:

  • Durable, lightweight
  • PPE Lexan with ½ inch foam on the forehead
  • One-size fits all with adjustable hook-and-loop closure
  • In-house production by E&E for quality control

Face shields can be used by employees in:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Office environments
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Reception counters
  • Others

Full Face Shields

E&E Exhibits Solutions can create full face shields to meet the needs of your office staff. Fast delivery! Call Now!

E&E Exhibits has a Variety of Face Shields Available:

  • Anti-Fog Face Shield
  • Best Face Shield
  • Clear Face Shield
  • Clear Plastic Face Shield
  • Custom Face Shields
  • Dental Hygiene Face Shield
  • Disposable Face Shields
  • Face Protection Face Shields
  • Face Shield
  • Face Shield Glasses
  • Face Shield PPE
  • Face Shield Splash Guards
  • Face Shield Visor
  • Face Shields With Logo
  • Full Face Shield
  • Hair Stylist Face Shield
  • Industrial Face Shield
  • Lab Face Shield
  • Lightweight Face Shields
  • Logo Face Shields
  • Plastic Face Shield
  • Polycarbonate Face Shield
  • PPE Face Shields
  • Protective Face Shield
  • Pyramex Face Shield
  • Safety Face Shield
  • Tactical Face Shields
  • Tinted Face Shield
  • UV Protective Face Shield
  • Visor Face Shields

Protective Face Shields

Each face shield is a one size fits all. The material is made of .015 clear PVC with a ½ inch thick foam. E&E Exhibit Solutions understands the importance of promoting safety during uncertain times. Our clear face shields are professional and functional.

We offer rapid turnaround and fast delivery of face shields for office staff.

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