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Pop Up COVID Testing Center

Pop Up COVID Testing Center

Pop Up COVID Testing Center

E&E Exhibits Solutions designs and manufactures pop-up COVID testing centers for hospitals, health and medical centers, and urgent care facilities. Our coronavirus testing sites can help healthcare facilities provide safety and privacy for patients and medical staff, while enforcing social distancing practices. Many medical facilities are beginning to set up outdoor virus testing centers to screen for the coronavirus. Let us help you! Our portable COVID-19 virus testing centers allow for efficient testing and health care space utilization while helping to reduce the risk of infection. Our pop-up virus testing centers can be customized to meet your specific dimensions with fast delivery and setup in minutes. Call Now!

Portable COVID-19 Virus Testing Center

E&E Exhibits Solutions can quickly create a customized portable COVID-19 virus testing center to meet your healthcare facilities needs. Our assembly team will deliver and assemble pop-up virus testing centers quickly and efficiently so you can keep your hospital or medical facility functioning during this crucial time. We understand that the need for portable virus testing centers is often time sensitive. We strive to provide immediate turnaround and have your modular COVID-19 testing center set up in no time. Call now for immediate delivery.

Portable Virus Testing Centers Available:

  • Coronavirus Testing Sites
  • COVID Testing
  • Drive-Through COVID Testing Center
  • Modular COVID-19 Testing Center
  • Onsite COVID Testing Center
  • Pop-up COVID Testing Center
  • Portable COVID-19 Virus Testing Center
Pop Up COVID Testing Center
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Modular COVID-19 Virus Testing Center

E&E Exhibit Solutions understands the importance of providing medical care during uncertain times. We provide modular COVID-19 virus testing centers designed for the protection of your patients health and sensitive information. Our portable virus testing centers look professional, are functional, and can be customized to suit your needs.

Pop-Up Virus Testing Sites – E&E Exhibits offers rapid turnaround and fast delivery of COVID testing centers for medical facilities.


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“We received a ton of comments on how cool and cutting-edge the booth looked and how nice the carpet was. It was sleek, elegant, clean, and unique. No one else had anything remotely close; we stood out from the crowd for sure. Someone from the military even commented that our booth reminded them of a spaceship! Mission accomplished!”

-Amy Ho
Clinical Affairs Manager, Vomaris


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